Studio Metamorphosis offers three formats to help you develop a workout plan and become the best version of you! The Run, Ride and Shred formats provide a combination of strength and cardio workouts that will help you become stronger physically and mentally with the help of our trainers. In each format you will increase flexibility, strength, core balance, endurance and cardio. You will feel better, happier, stronger, lighter and best of all have fun doing it! Below are more in depth descriptions and details of each format.


“There is no greater force for change than people inspired to live a better life”

We at Metamorphosis are idealists that forever believe in pushing ourselves to be better and stronger. Each new day presents a new challenge & the chance to become our best self. At Metamorphosis, knowledgeable trainers & a heart-pumping Pilates-inspired workout will take your mind & body to the point where change happens. We all desire change... we all crave transformation... and whether we are ready for it... we all NEED change! 

The Morph Shred workout is based on the principles of Pilates and combined with elements of circuit training. The workout incorporates strength, resistance & cardio which makes your Shred workouts efficient & effective! Shred will leave you drenched in sweat, burning fat & calories (up to 500-800 calories), with elongated muscles & improved endurance in a blink of an eye... only 45 minutes! 

Morph Shred classes use a modern Pilates reformer. You will move seamlessly & quickly from one exercise to the next to maintain a higher heart rate with intensity which ultimately burns calories & fat. The unique combination of Morph workouts which incorporates both strength and cardio training allows the body to move with an effective and greater intensity and low impact on the joints… you will quiver, you will sweat, you will have fun and you will Morph to be your absolute strongest version. Our motto is Be Extra, Do Morph!

*Join us for Morph Outdoor at our Pasadena location. 16 reformers spaced safely apart. Shred outside in the open air!

*Shred is offered at all locations (In-studio at Pasadena, Eagle Rock, and Los Feliz) - we are temporarily closed for group in-studio Shred classes



“Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation”

Are you ready to say hello to a new you? A happier, stronger, more focused you? If you had the chance to live longer as this new you would you take the opportunity? If you exercise consistently you probably already know that working out makes you feel better... but there's nothing like a runner's high. Studies show that running for 30 minutes a day can improve your mood instantly and reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and some cancers. Running increases bone mass and even aids with age-related bone loss and helps with overall brain function as we age. 

The Morph Run program was designed to help you become fit, gain confidence, and feel happier. Our running coaches will teach you about running form, breathing, and all the benefits of running! Each day will have a separate focus of either Endurance, Speed, or Hill training so your body is gaining strength in different ways and your muscles are constantly being stimulated. We offer our hybrid *Run + Shred class which focus on 25 minutes of endurance, speedwork, or hill work on our Woodway 4Front treadmills and 25 minutes of pilates-inspired strength training on our reformers, all in a single class session. The Woodway treads make you feel like your running on clouds due to their spring-loaded track making it easy on your knees and joints. Pick your spot - you choose to run first or shred (pilates) first! Need more of a runner's high? Look for our *Run + Stretch class. In this class, you will be coached to run for 40 minutes along with 10 minutes of stretching on the reformer. 

Morph Run classes are the medicine you need to help you feel less stressed, happier, and burn 400-1000 calories per class. Run with us and improve the quality of your emotional, physical, and mental being!

*offered at our Eagle Rock location only


Morph At Home

“Change is the heartbeat of growth”

Hold up, Covid. You ain't got nothin' on us! We are continuing our Morph workouts from Home. Join us virtually to sweat with your friends and family and favorite Morph trainers! Each 30-minute class is LIVE so you can shred, sculpt and have a ton of fun from the comfort of your living room. Our trainers will be correcting form, providing modifications and variations of exercises and keep you motivated from across the screen. Let's stay connected and continue to move together from home!