At Metamorphosis, knowledgeable trainers & a heart pumping Pilates-inspired workout will take your mind & body to the point where change happens. We all desire change... we all crave transformation... and whether we are ready for it... we all NEED change! 

The Morph Shred workout is based on principles of Pilates and incorporates strength, resistance & cardio in each exercise taught... which makes your Shred workouts efficient & effective! Shred workouts will leave you drenched in sweat, burning fat & calories (up to 500-800 calories), with elongated muscles & improved endurance in a blink of an eye... only 45 minutes! 

Morph Shred classes use a modern Pilates reformer. Our shred classes allow you to move seamlessly & quickly from one exercise to the next to maintain a higher heart rate with effective intensity which ultimately burns calories & fat. The unique combination of Morph workouts which incorporates both strength and cardio training allows the body to move with an effective and greater intensity and low impact on the joints… you will quiver, you will sweat, you will have fun and you will Morph to be your absolute strongest version. At Metamorphosis there is no telling what you will accomplish!    



“I ride to become stronger & confident.”

Be inspired to change. We at Metamorphosis are idealists that forever believe in pushing ourselves to be better, pedal faster, climb steeper and ride beyond our limits. Each new day presents a new challenge & chance to become better. We want a healthier heart & dream of sexy, strong legs. We aspire to obtain a quiet, focused mind. We finish our race with a final sprint & a release of healthy endorphins!

Morph Ride workouts allow your dreams to become your reality. Our 45 minute cycling classes are designed to help build strength & boost energy by pedaling to the rhythm of the music. Ride classes are designed for all fitness levels as our qualified trainers will coach you to ride with perfect form, make you smile & inspire you to be your most amazing self!