Morph Pasadena is located in the Playhouse Village on Green Street on the corner of Green St and El Molino. Our Pasadena location opened in March 2014 and is our very first location. The artsy Playhouse Village is home to the renowned Pasadena Playhouse along with museums, galleries, eateries, and a smattering of independent shops.


Pasadena is our only location to-date that currently offers the signature Run & Shred which is a hybrid workout using world-class Woodway Treadmills for our “Run” portion of the class and our own, custom-designed and built Morph Pilates Reformers. The Pasadena location has 18 total Morph Shred Reformers, 10 Treadmills and two AC Performance Schwinn stationary bikes. A majority of our classes are the “Shred” reformer classes, which is our signature, 45-minute, group Pilates class.

Throughout the week, we also offer our Run & Shred classes that allocate 10 of our Shred reformer spots to Shred for 25 minutes and then switch the Run for the last 25 minutes of class. You can choose to Run or Shred first depending on which spot you reserve. We encourage, walking, jogging or running and instructors will provide guidance on speeds and hills and help push you along!

We also offer two extra spots during our Run & Shred classes that will do the same switch as the Run & Shred clients - 1/2 the class on our spin bikes (Ride) and 1/2 Shred Reformers. 10 spots are designated for Run & Shred and two spots for Ride and Shred. The additional six spots are designated as Shred Only and those clients stay on the reformers the entire class. We have tennis shoe cages for our spin bikes for the Run, (Ride) & Shred classes and you may also bring you cycling shoes. The pedals support Look and SPD clips.


We require you to be 18 years of age to workout at Morph. Grip socks are required for all Shred classes and you will require running shoes for any Run & Shred classes. You can purchase grip socks from our reception retail area and there are many colors, styles and sizes to choose from.


Our Pasadena location has showers and high-quality amenities including shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, deodorants, Q-Tips, tampons, razors and more. We provide bath mats and bath towels for freshening-up after class. We always you with a clean towel for your workouts as well, available as you check-in.


Our studios are generally open year-round, seven days per week and open for most holidays except for Christmas Day. Classes during the week generally start at 6am and the last class is generally available at 8pm. Please check our schedule for more details.


Privates are available between, before and after schedule group class times and are coordinated by contacting our staff at info@studiometamorphosis.com. Email us your desired location and times that work for you to help us coordinate a trainer for you.


Parking is available on the parking lot adjacent to our building and there is plenty of free street parking.

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