New Timers

Fancy Seeing you Here, Newbie!

Create an account by clicking the log in button above. Once you have created your account, purchase the in-studio New Timer class ($18 in Los Angeles, $25 in New York) under the Pricing tab > Studio Class Packs. Next, reserve a class by clicking the schedule, location, and class that you want to try. You will receive a confirmation email after securing your spot.

Here's what you will need to take a class:

·       Grip socks (Shred) - available for purchase at Morph $15-$20.

·       Sneakers & grip socks (Run & Shred)

Please arrive 10 minutes early to your scheduled class so we can get you set up on the equipment and show you around the studio. We provide complimentary towel service, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hairdryers for you to use. We also have a purified water system so remember to bring your re-useable bottle. You can tuck away all of your belongings in a secured locker or cubbie. We can't wait to meet you!